Introduce the product.

Electric aerial work platform truck Corn thresher Auto Changer Screw-type grain container Multi-purpose cart

  • ㆍA detachable implement which is compatible with all types of tractors
  • ㆍIt can be equipped regardless of tractor model and horsepower
  • ㆍAll peripheral implements of tractor can be attached and detached within one minute

Applicable machines

  • Main body
  • Guide for attaching implement
  • Auto saw link
  • ㆍHand-operated machinery such as rotavator, plow, and fertilizer distributor
  • ㆍLivestock machinery such as baler, wrapper, and haymaker
  • ㆍAll other peripheral implements of three-point linkage fastened method

Attaching process of auto changer implement

When defaching auto changer implement Push the lever of the locking system in the direction of the arrow and detach it in reverse order of attachment.

Picture of installing auto changer and attaching implement

  • Auto chaner, Picture of attaching rotavator
  • Attaching plow
  • Installing disk mower
  • Installing wrapper
  • Insttalling round baler