Introduce the product.

Electric aerial work platform truck Corn thresher Auto Changer Screw-type grain container Multi-purpose cart

We are a leading patent holding and ISO 9001 & 14001 certified manufacturer in Korea offering highly effective galvanized steel grain storage containers. Our strong R&D process and high quality customer service has enabled us to become a leading supplier of agricultural equipments worldwide. Read below to gather more information about our unique grain storage containers. We contribute to improve the farming income with differentiated functions and a wide range of models. Slide type outlet makes it easy to put grains into the dryer and the cleaner beneath it makes the disposal of residual grains easy. Also, the lever with which you can adjust the amount of emission has heightened the work efficiency.

  • ㆍExcellent durability - galvanized steel sheet
  • ㆍExcellent emission - 15 tons are emitted per one hour
  • ㆍSide-by-side rotatable outlet
  • ㆍAdoption of slide type for outlet
  • ㆍQuiet and dustless
  • ㆍStrong durability minimizes troubles.